Tigray, the cradle of civilization- The mysterious mountain chains of Gheralta, at glance

Mekelle- 03 June 2020 (DW-TV) - #Gheralta, the mysterious chain of mountain cliffs is found in #Hawzien Wereda, #Tigray national regional state, Ethiopia’s northernmost region.

These mountain chains of Gheralta with such very dramatic landscapes have, since the past recent times, become amid the top lists of tourist attraction sights in the horn region. Moreover, Gheralta mountain chains , far beyond their dramatic landscapes, are better known to have more than 35 churches, which is the largest concentration of cliff churches. That is the other reason behind tourists to repeatedly come and visit the region.

The ancient churches, hewn into these mountain chains of Gheralta are inaccessible that in turn make a challenging ascent all the more rewarding, #National Geographic indicated.