'Brutal beatings, lifetime scars, forced evictions and targeting minorities' main features of today's Ethiopia.

#Mekelle- 28 May 2020 (#DW-TV) - #Amnesty International today reported that tensions have been high in Amhara after the minority #Qimant group voted for their own autonomous administrative unit in September 2017, resulting in clashes between the #Amhara and Qimant communities.
The report revealed that the special force, local administration militia and two Amhara youth vigilante groups joined forces to attack members of the Qimant community in January last year, and again in September and October, leaving at least 100 dead and hundreds displaced. Qimant homes and property were also destroyed.
Security forces and vigilante groups also attacked a Qimant settlement in Metema, with grenades and guns and set homes on fire last year, Amnesty international further pointed out. Fifty-eight people were killed within 24 hours as soldiers in a nearby camp failed to respond to cries for help.
Dinqie Tekeda, 25, escaped from her burning house with four of her brothers and a cousin only for Amhara guards at Bunna International Bank to expose them to vigilante youths. As could be learnt from the report, Dinqie said: “Armed Amhara youth came and killed three of my brothers and my cousin and wounded my other brother. They killed them at point-blank range while I watched. They died instantly."
Another, Tsedal Abate, who, as per Amnesty International, witnessed a separate attack, said: “Just 100 metres from my home, the youth burnt Endihnew Nega, his mother, his sister and her baby at around 10pm.”
On the other hand, Amnesty said it has documented the extrajudicial execution of at least 39 people in Oromia, including 17-year old Seid Sheriff who was shot in the head outside a café in Harqelo, Goro Dola. He was allegedly alerting a motorcyclist to an impending arrest.
In Finchawa, Dugda Dawa, two truckloads of soldiers drove into town and indiscriminately shot at people for an hour, killing 13. Witnesses told Amnesty the attack was in retaliation for a soldier stoned to death three weeks earlier.
Brutal beatings, lifetime scars:
Last year at least 10,000 people were arbitrarily arrested and detained as part of the government’s crackdown on armed attacks and inter-communal violence in Oromia Region.
Likewise, Amnesty added that last year, in Oromia, tens of thousands were accused but never charged