'How dare a government, welcoming Ethiopia's first ever enemy with a red carpet accuse me of ...?'

#Mekelle- 06 May 2020 (#DW-TV) - 'How a government which welcomed, #president Isaias Afewerki, the first ever Ethiopia's enemy in the contemporary world could have the moral ground to accuse me of discussing with Dr. #Debretsion Gebremichael or politician #Jawar Mohamed?' politician #Lidetu Ayalew angrily asked in an interview he gave to Andafta media.

'Tigray and #Oromia are in my country Ethiopia. So, I have the right to move across my nation. It is not only my right but also my responsibility as a politician to discuss with these Ethiopian brothers of mine (Jawar and Dr. Debretsion) to solve the crisis in my country,' Lidetu accentuated, adding, 'Ambo is in Ethiopia, Mekelle is in Ethiopia, so, for me, they are the nearest places to go as compared to Asmara'
'How Berhanu Nega, Ethiopian citizens for social Justice (ECSJ) party head, who have, for quite long period of time, been conspiring with Isaias Afewerki and Egypt against Ethiopia could now have the moral to accuse us of nation betrayal,' he reiterated.

As to Lidetu, a transitional government must be established soon for the current government is weak to transform the nation to the next election.