PM Abiy says he doesn't know what may happen to Ethiopia's sovereignity tomorrow

#Mekelle – 30 April 2020 (#DW-TV) – Prime Minister #Abiy Ahmed expressed yesterday that no one knows about what may happen to #Ethiopia's sovereignity tomorrow.

He expressed that while discussing with various political parties on the upcoming national election.

As to the pm, the national election can not be held at the
time table previously specified for the country is in danger than ever before in its history due to covid-19, locust sworm and threats on its sovereignity.

Scholars and politicians are, on the other hand, saying that the PM is using the situation to play politics.

As most politicians, none of the justifications of Abiy Ahmed could convince any party for the nation has never compromised on holding national elections since the new Ethiopian constitution was introduced. It has, as to them, conducted a national election even when it was in war with Eritrea.

As could be learnt from the views of these politicians, it is an open secret that Abiy is trying to utilize the
situation as a golden opportunity to stay in power.

It is recalled that Getachew Reda, #TPLF central committee member recently said in this regard that regional states should not make themselves sacrifice for the interest of such a group in the center which is trying hard to unconstitutionally extend its term in power by declaring 5 months' long state of emergency using covid-19 as a cover up while practically taking no measure to prevent the spread of the virus away from words of mouth.