Heritages of Axumite kingdom, one of top three origins of ancient world civilizations

#Mekelle – 13 March 2020 (#DW-TV) – #Axum, unlike today, was one of the top three origins of ancient world civilizations.

Axum is a mystery for the international community. No scientists of the modern world could still discover the secret behind despite their relentless efforts to learn it since the first day of its creation.

As to sources, only 5% of the secret embraced by the mysterious city of Axum could still be known. No scientist, for instance, could to this date exactly tell about how the obelisks of Axum were built, transported and erected. Nothing is still known away from saying quite a lot at a guess.

Above are some of the heritages of the ancient Axumite civilization namely the Entrance to the Tomb of the False Door, King Endybis 227-235 A.D. (British Museum), ‘ΑΞΩΜΙΤΩ BICIΔΑΧΥ’, possibly man of Dachu (king) of Axumites, linguistically mixed, 'ΕΝΔΥΒΙC ΒΑCΙΛΕΥ (Greek language)', King #Endybis, ruins of #Dungur (also known as Queen of Sheba's Palace), Axumite_Architectural Fragments (Axsumite water-spouts in the shape of lion heads.), #Ousas (Aksumite gold coins.),

Ezana GreekTablet (The Ezana Stone records Negus #Ezana's conversion to Christianity and his subjugation of various neighboring peoples, including #Meroë).

These are among the heritages- lively testifying about the level of the ancient Axumite civilization .