Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy needs a leader who keeps pace with Meles’ thinking

#Mekelle- 27 February 2020 (#DW-TV) - #Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy is one of the Federal Democratic Republic of #Ethiopia’s government institutions established for the realization of the sustainability of the journey of Ethiopia’s Renaissance.

The academy mainly strives hard to generate matured, cultivated, scientific and transcendental thoughts through education, training, research, reflection, analysis and inculcation.

It works bearing the mission to deep root and to expand developmental and democratic philosophy nationally, continental and internationally in mind. Making Ethiopia one of the middle-income earning countries in short time and reach well developed stage in long period of time by establishing internationally competent renaissance leadership and expanding research based training and education are the other additional missions the academy strives to realize. It was established to promote those scientifically analyzed developmental and democratic thinking and believing in public decision and diversity which the late PM Meles Zenawi had been known by among his many other unique attributes.

However, now, the academy needs such an outstanding leader with the capacity to keep pace with these big world class thinking and philosophies originated by the world class mind, the late PM Meles Zenawi.

In other words, assigning an immature, uncultivated, amateur, mundane, untrained and uneducated leader who does not believe in public decision and diversity to such an academy with such philosophies and great ideas of great people is undoubtedly contrary to all those objectives, missions and values of the academy mentioned earlier.