Government bans Tigreans in Addis, from entering their offices

#Mekelle- Monday, January 13, 2020 (#DWTV) – #Tigreans, working in various organizations under federal government in some sub cities in the metropolis in anonymity expressed that they are, as of today, officially banned from entering the respective offices they have been serving in.

If it is so, no doubt that this would be the extreme of all the red lines PM #Abiy Ahmed has been crossing to date to officially indicate the intensity of his hatred for the people of #Tigray.

Politically, PP does not have any legal ground to do so. In that perspective, Tigreans at all levels with any political view- pro or anti PP have the right to keep working in all organizations under federal government till next September 2020 i.e. till a new government is elected through election . If truth has to be told, it is #TPLF which has the legal ground to govern the nation as an elected party, not PP, the illegitimate party.

It is recalled that these victims had expressed to Tigray Mass Media Agency (#TMMA) that PP was intimidating them to choose either of the two extremes- they had to either join it or be fired from their respective jobs.
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