February 18, turning point to Tigray’s lasting freedom

#Mekelle- Monday, January 13, 2020 (#DWTV) – February 18, 1975 was the turning point in the freedom of #Tigray.

The people of Tigray had to, once forever, brace to overthrow the butchers of those times by tightening their belts to face all possible worst case scenarios under the sun in their endeavors to realize their dream.

At that time, plan ‘Z’ was the only option the people had left with, if the bodyguards of arrogance and ignorance had to be really uprooted once and for all from Ethiopia. In other words, they had had no other alternative away from putting an end to oppression via plan Z. Hence, establishing an organized party to tactically and scientifically organize their move had been of paramount importance for them.

Thus, they established the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (#TPLF) in February 18, 1975 to serve that purpose.

February 18, 2020 is therefore, the 45th anniversary of TPLF, a party known for its world class mind leaders with far reaching vision and mission both continent and worldwide.

Tigray has, in no occasion, never ever bowed to any system of arrogance and ignorance.

Eternal glory to all martyrs!