Government cuts off internet and telephone services in Western Oromia

#Mekelle- 09 January 2020 (#DWTV)- Sources indicated that there is neither home internet data nor mobile data service in many cities and towns in Western #Oromia regional state.

As to #BBC, both services were already cut off since last week. BBC, furthermore, pointed out that telephone service is no longer working since last week-it is already cut off.

In this regard, dwellers from these localities told BBC that internet service is completely cut off in four zones of Western Oromia namely western and Eastern #Welega, #qelem and Horogudru Welega zones.

According to the residents, there is no more telephone service in Qelem and Horogudru Welega. Hence, telephone communication was already cut off a week back.

In this regard, no government organ has released any statement, BBC underlined.

Western Oromia is an area where two militarized groups of the regional state move around. Thus, it experiences recurrent conflicts. Now it is under military command post.

By Shushay Adane