Subpoena to PM. Abiy to give his testimony on Binyam’s case

#Mekelle- 09 January 2020 (#DWTV)- Colonel Binyam Tewelde’s defense attorney, Haileselassie Gebremedhin told Tigray Mass Media Agency (#TMMA) that Dr. #Abiy Ahmed couldn’t appear in court to give his testimony on colonel #Biniyam’s case though he was subpoenaed .

As could be understood from the defense attorney, the court has already subpoenaed PM Abiy to appear in the court to give his testimony; however, Abiy did not yet appear. All other defenses for Binyam’s charge except Dr. Abiy are being heard well, Gebremedhin added.

As per Gebremedhin, the judges following technocrat Binyam’s case have decided on majority vote to release him on bail. Nonetheless, he is still in jail due to the prosecutor’s complaint about his possibility to disappear.

According to Binyam’s defense attorney, Dr. Abiy’s secretary rejected their repeated request to help them submit the subpoena to him. She could not yet be volunteer to receive and submit any letter written in his name.

Meanwhile, he furthered that they could not have access to Dr. Abiy though they tried hard to submit the subpoena in person.

Now, it is almost two years since Binyam and hundreds of other Tigreans were allegedly imprisoned before verdict

Source- Tigray TV