Debretsion calls on the youth to strengthen their struggle

Nov 20 ,2019 (Dimtsi weyane) Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, president, Tigray Regional state, in his message on his face book called on the people of Tigray in general and the youth in particular to solidify their scientific struggle.

As to him, the youth should scan the fluctuating situation well thereby play it safe tactfully.

It is known that ensuring the well-being, the basic and sustainable interest of our people are the motive behind all the objectives, Debretsion stressed.

As to him, that is the objective of all his government’s policies and strategies. As a result, all policies and strategies are measured only from that point of view that any other away from these main pillars would never be accepted by any justification, he further emphasized.

“It must be underscored that we, as a people, are still in a struggle to realize the objectives we strive for,” he reiterated.
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