EBC, FBC, and Walta, responsible for the documentary film aired in the same airtime

October 28,2012 (Dimtsi weyane) At an event organized by the Ethiopian Broadcast Authority, in Mekelle, Liya Kasa, Tigray Communication Burea, Head, made the Ethiopian media FBC; Walta and EBC accountable for having been aggravating crisis

She expressed that Ethiopian Broadcast Corporation (EBC), Fana Broadcast Corporation (FBC) and Walta are legally and historically responsible for the documentary film that targeted at a given ethnic group that three of them aired in the same air time.

Liya moreover accentuated that EBC, FBC, and Walta have been aggravating internal displacement and looting of citizens’ properties collected by the sweat of their brows.

Liya further added that history would never forget the crime these media have committed. They have done all they could to make Ethiopians see one another with suspicious eyes thereby led to identity-based conflict among themselves. In this regard, Liya said that ESAT has, for instance, officially declared genocide against the people of Tigray.